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Nurse & Pharmacist

Nursing Continuing Education: Nurses CE Pharmacist Continuing Education: Pharmacist CE

Study any of the courses for an approved (RN-CEP 11430) 3-hours Continuing Education Certificate for nurses, pharmacists and other human service professionals (0.3 CEUs). Continuing education in nursing is offered by LearnWell Resources, a provider accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 11430 and most other boards. On that RN basis, Pharmacists CE is also provided.
1) Take a course and click on it.
2) Study it, click on the linked test, do the test and pay $24.
3) If you scored 75% or above, your certificate will be printed out online right then, 24/7.

You may retake the test within a week once for free. If you paid by mistake or paid double, we refund the payment within 3 days. If you have difficulty printing your certificate, click here.

LearnWell also offer several sets of 10 individual CE courses. The fee for these 30 CE Hour courses is seventy dollars.
Health and Wellness
H100: Wellness: Enjoying Balanced Health
H101: Top Wellness: The TopWell Lifestyle
H102: Managing Stress: Living without Stress Overload
H103: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:Victim toSurvivor
H104: Relaxation Therapy: Theory and Practice H105: Help in Depression: Symptoms and Treatment
H110: Health-Script: Therapy through Writing
H201: Cholesterol 160: How to Lower your Cholesterol
H211: Food for Health: Nutrition/Weight Management
H221: Better Weight: A Lifestyle Approach Course H231: Vegetarian Eating: A Better Plan? H300: Mind and Body Medicine: A Relaxed Attitude
H301: Spiritual Health: Serving the Whole Person H305: Health and Spirituality: Help or Harm
H311: Healing Meditation: A Way of Stress Reduction H315: Meditation and Health: A Health Care Approach
H401: Better Fitness: Flexibility, Endurance, Strength H410: Physical Fitness for Life: Fit in 3 Hrs Weekly
H501: Disease Prevention: Heart Dis, Cancer, Diabetes
H601: Human Reproduction: Friendships, Marriage, Sex
H700: Health Tester: Know Your Fitness Level
H701: Aging Safely: Self-care in a Healthy Environment
H702: Aging Well: Combating the Changes of Aging
H710: Alzheimer’s Disease: Toward Prevention
H721: Facing Loss: Healing of Acute Grief
H801: Healthy Eyes: Understanding Low Vision H810: Hand Hygiene Guidelines for Health Workers
H901: Bibliotherapy: Reading for Problem Solving
H910: Healing Talk: Think, Talk and Act Health

General Nursing
N101: Healing Humor: Laughter that Facilitates Wellness
N102: Birthing Alternatives: Toward Rewarding Birthing
N201: Surgery for the Elderly: 70-90
N301: EKG Review 1: Characteristics and Interventions
N302: EKG Review 2: SSS and Heart Blocks N303: EKG Review 3: BBB, PAT, Sinus Arrest N304: EKG Review 4: Pacemakers N305: EKG Review 5: PAC, PJC, PVC, 3VT N306: EKG Review 6: JR, IVP, Agonal, VFib
N320: Atrial Fibrillation: Symptoms and Treatment
N401: Community Health: Fostering Wellness for All
N411: Anthrax Bioterrorism and Health Care
N421: Smallpox Epidemic: Could you deal with it?
N501: Personal Safety: Minimizing your Accidents
N521: Anorexia Nervosa: Symptoms and Treatment
N731: Spiritual Care: Help in Distress
N741: End-of-Life Care with Palliative Services


D101: Drug Prevention: How to Live Drugfree
D201: Alcohol Problems: Prevention and Intervention
D301: Tobacco: Prevention and Cessation
D303: SmokeFreed in 3 Weeks: Smoking Cessation
D401: Help for Addiction: A Brain Not on Drugs
D510: Prevention Values: Living DrugFree
D520: Raising DrugFree Kids: A Values Approach

E101: Ethical Choices: How to reason ethically
E102: Ethical Problems: What Guides Decisions?
E105: Health Care Ethics: Values and Obligations
E201: Prevention Ethics: Principles and Cases
E301: Social Ethics: Trust and Accountability
E511: End-of-Life Ethics: Benefits and Burdens
E601: Business Ethics: Straight Transactions
E701: Reality Ethics: Solving Ethical Cases
E710: Ethical Dilemmas: Solving Dilemma Cases
E810: Global Ethics: Concerns for Citizens
E830: Political Ethics: Representing the Electorate
E840: Transparency Ethics: Honesty & Deception
E850: Ethics of Disclosure: Tell or Hide
E901: Values at Work: What is Most Important
E910: Values for Decisions: Their Source and Use

Forgiveness Skills
F101: Forgiveness Therapy: The Healing of Wrongs
F110: Without Revenge: Toward Full Forgiveness
F201: Anger Management: Building Better Relationships
F301: Forgiveness Skills: One Step at a Time
F310: Forgive and Reconcile: Reunite the Estranged
F401: Forgiving Attitude: A Way of Relating
F410: Patterns of Forgiveness: Questions and Answers
F501: Forgiveness Index: Classifying Events
F601: Work-place Pardons: Why, When, How

Special 30 CE Courses, $70

K101: Professional Ethics: Principles and Practice K201: Forgiveness Studies: On Being Set Free
K501: Health and Wellness, A Lifestyle Approach
K555: Alternative Medicine: Basics of Holistic Health K601: Health Behavior: Habits that Heal K711: Drug Abuse Prevention: Living Drug Free C110: Basic Statistics: Descriptive Stat and Sampling