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Licenses Vocational Nurses

Continuing Education for LVNs

LearnWell courses provide Licenses Vocational Nurses (LVN) with the tools to earn Continuing Education credits for a small fee. Study a course for an approved (V-10554) 3 contact-hours Continuing Education Certificate (0.3 CEUs), take the 12-item multiple-choice Test at the end of the course, pay, and receive your certificate immediately online 24/7. Also print out this page and keep it with your course certificate.
LVNs: The California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians approved the below 3-hour LearnWell courses with the approval code V-10554.

RNs: Continuing education in nursing and health education is offered by LearnWell Resources, a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider CEP 11430. Check here for other states.

STEPS in taking a CE Course with Online-printed Certificate: 1) Click on a course above. 2) Study it, then click on the AutoTest at the bottom of the course site and do the test and payment. 3) If you scored 75% or above, your certificate will be printed out online right then. You may retake the test once free.
Healing Humor: Laughter that Facilitates Wellness N101 (V-10554-1)……:Objectives: 1. differentiate between harmful and healing humor, 2. develop your Humor-HELP tool-bag, and 3. use humor for different purposes.

health education Less Stress: Developing a Stress-Resistant Lifestyle H101 (V-10554-8)……Objectives: 1. Know your stress-level and monitor the stress levels of others. 2. Know how to break the immediate stress cycle and help others to do so. 3. Develop a lifestyle that is to a large extend stress-free. 4. Be able to put your mind into a stress-free mode.

health education Help with Depression: Symptoms and Treatment H105 V-10554)……….Objectives: 1. List the types of depression and their symptoms. 2. Describe the causes of depression. 3. Discuss the various treatments of depression. 4. Suggest help for four case-studies in depression.

health education Food for Health: Nutrition and Weight Management H211 (V-10554-7)……Objectives: 1. select the foods that promote health, 2. describe the foods that impair health, and 3. develop a weight management plan.

health education Spiritual Health: Serving the Whole Person H301 (V-10554-6)……Objectives: 1. develop an understanding of you spiritual life, 2. gain insight into your spiritual journey, 3. find resources for spiritual emergencies, and 4. face the possibility and meaning of your death.

health education Better Fitness: Endurance, Flexibility, Strength H401 (V-10554-5)…….Objectives: 1. perform tests on various aspects of your physical fitness and participate in a personalized fitness plan, 2. participate in physical activities that develop your muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and aerobic capacity.

health education Disease Prevention: Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes H501 (V-10554-4)…….Objectives: Explain the disease etiology and prevention of 1. major infectious diseases, 2. cardiovascular diseases, 3. cancer and 4. diabetes

health education Alcohol Problems: Prevent them, Treat them D201 (V-10554-3)……..Objectives: 1. understand tests for alcohol problems, 2. describe the use and effect of alcohol, 3. explain prevention and treatment strategies.

health education Anger Management: Building Better Relationships F201 (V-10554-2)……Objectives: 1. assess his/her anger, 2. understand the roots/source of his/her anger, 3. apply the steps of anger management and 4. reach a higher level of personal peace.

health education Health Care Ethics: Values, Obligations and Right E501 (V-10554-9)……Objectives: make basic ethical decisions on 1. abortions, 2. suicide, 3. cloning, and 4. patient information.