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Frequently Asked Questions

Help and Frequently Asked Questions about Continuing Education Courses for Dental Health Professional, RNs, LCSWs, MFTs, Pharmacists, Counselors, Nursing Home Administrators and Managers and all other Learners. We have Instant Online Processing and Certification, 24/7.
1. How can I take a free LearnWell Online course? Go to the course page via www.learnwell.org/allcourses.htm and study the web-page. Follow the links and do the exercises for yourself. There is nothing to email in or to submit. That is all. When you do this, you do not receive a certificate. You will find there some courses that are especially for those who cannot pay and that do not charge for the certificates.

2. How can I take a LearnWell Online course for a 3-contact hours Continuing Education Certificare (0.3 CEUs or 3 CE Hourss) and receive my certificate immediately online? 1) Go to the course web-sites via www.learnwell.org/allcourses.htm and find the course you want, 2) click on TEST at the beginning or end of the course-page and proceed, 3) pay $24 via your credit card, and if 75% or more is correct, you will receive your certificate in your printer immediately. 4) Refunds are given only when the participant is charged double for one course because of the action of the LearnWell software. Once a participant completed a course and received the certificate, refunds cannot be given if he or she discovers that the course was not needed or does not apply in his or her circumstances. Thus please make sure you need or want the course before taking it and check on the applicable accreditation.

3. What do I do when I make a mistake on the spelling of my name or my license number and I need to get a new certificate? We cannot re-issue new certificates online. You may post-mail us the wrong certificate with the needed changes, your address, and a $10.00 check. We will then issue a new certificate by hand and mail it to you. Since it is your mistake, you need to absorb the cost. You cannot hold two certificates for the same course. If it somehow was our mistake, there is then no fee for a re-issued certificate. But first read the next point.

4. How can I print my certificate if it is not printed when I take a course with the Test? If you have difficulty printing your certificate, or if you lost your copy, click here and login. Then go to Your Record, CE LOG Book, and click under Certificates. LearnWell uses the Nurses Learning Network as an out-sourcing company to facilitate the online testing, payment and 24/7 issuing of certificates.

5. Can I take a LearnWell Online course for a post-mailed certificate? Generally No. But you may email edu@learnwell.org and apply for special arrangements via www.ce5.com/ce. In the email subject line, write “LearnWell Application.”

6. Can I take courses for 30 CE Hours or 3 CEUs at LearnWell? Yes, go to www.klimes.org and pay $70.

7. Do I need to follow all links on the course page and do all suggested assignments? No, for some links and assignments may require more than the allocated time. But do follow some and spend the suggested time on the course.

8. What do I do when I have a problem with taking a LearnWell course? Email edu@learnwell.org and state your problem clearly. In the subject line of your email write “LearnWell Problem.” We will respond usually within 24 hours and try to assist.

9. What is a CEU and how is it different from a CE Hour? A CEU is a Contuning Education Unit that is given when individuals show that they have satisfactorily completed 10 CE (Continuing Education) Hours of studies. All LearnWell courses that charge $24 are for 3 CE Hours and thus carry 0.3 CEUs. A 3 CEU course would require 30 CE Hours of studies, a 30 CEU course would reurire 300 CE Hours of study. LearnWell does not offer the last type of studies. There is a big difference between CEUs and CE Hours.

10. What is LearnWell Resources? LearnWell Resources is a registered nonprofit corporation headed by a board made up of recognized scholars and a president with a PhD who has in the past headed various colleges. It is an online educational organization that offers free courses, continuing education courses approved by California and other state boards, college courses through an accredited college, and other advanced courses. LearnWell Resources is not accredited to offer college courses or degrees on its own and does not do so. It is accredited to offer state-approved continuing education. LearnWell instructors hold faculty ranks at various colleges. These colleges offer classes that are taught using LearnWell Web-pages. See www.learnwell.org/inc.htm.

11. What other services do you provide? LearnWell Resources sponsors also the Klimes Institute, DrugFree USA , Forgiveness Institute and the BDI.

12. Can anyone take LearnWell CE courses? Yes, if you can do the work, you can take the CE course.

13. How can I participate in LearnWell as an instructor, computer or consultant? See LearnWell Jobs and email us with the relevant information.