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LearnWell Resources, Inc. was founded February 10, 1994, as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, 501(c)(3) to provide educational services. It is a lean and flexible group of highly trained and experienced professionals that readily respond to needs without involving expensive logistical support. Nearly all its funds are used for the direct help for the underserved. Its SIC category is 8299-0201, its nonprofit symbol is LW, and its Dun & Bradstreet number is DUNS# 96-832-5027.

The mission of LearnWell Resources is to advance the health and ethics of our communities by providing continuing education for human service professionals.

HEALTH: disease prevention, health promotion, wellness and drug-free living.
ETHICS: consideration of right and wrong, and forgiveness.
COMMUNITIES: groups having common interests, especially the one quarter of the world population that live on less than a dollar a day.
CONTINUING EDUCATION: approved courses via the Internet.
HUMAN SERVICE PROFESSIONALS: nurses, social workers, counselors, educators, pharmacists, dental health workers, and others.

The vision of LearnWell Resources is to help build communities of people who optimize their health of mind and body and who treat themselves and others with love and respect.

The core values of LearnWell Resources are wellness, integrity, learning, quality and volunteerism. (To respect life and to promote health and ethical behaviour among human beings. Not to lie, not to hurt anyone, not to appropriate someone else’s property. To be competent, to be independent, to serve all groups, to work towards an improvement of society, to do nothing that may decrease the public’s trust in health education.)
LearnWell Resources has educated health professionals for more than 12 years. Its innovations in online continuing education have helped set the standards for excellence in these areas and enabled tens of thousands around the world to study from the comfort of their own homes. For LearnWell Resources, good enough is not enough. It is committed to delivering high quality products and services. Through constant innovation, LearnWell is pushing the boundaries of online continuing education. Through its Global Low-cost Health Initiative is it striving to foster the prevention of disease world-wide.

LearnWell Resources is a corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. LearnWell Resources makes grants that advance its mission to 1) governmental and nonprofit agencies around the world, 2) individuals for school and college scholarships on a competitive basis. All LearnWell projects are evaluated at least annually to assure their effectiveness. According the bylaws, the board of directors elects the corporation officers and approves the annual plan, major policies, and the annual budget.

1. LearnWell Institutes

1.2 The Online LearnWell Institute of Continuing Education: The LearnWell Institute offers short courses with continuing education certificates in health, disease prevention, cyber learning and ethics for professionals, parents, students and managers over the Internet. It offers affordable continuing education programs to professionals in all 50 states and in all countries. The highly qualified faculty are professors, researchers, authors and leaders in their fields of expertise. LearnWell Resources is accredited as a Continuing Education provider with, among others:

The California Board of Registered Nursing, CEP 11430,

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences, PCE 39,

The California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, CE provider V-10554,

State of West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, WV2001-0381RN.

Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, sponsor code 3076

1.2 Health and Ethics for All: The mission of Health for All, a service of LearnWell Resources, is to improve the health of individuals everywhere, one family at a time. It does this through continuing education, health education, drug abuse prevention, community service and library improvement.

Ethics for All provides short courses in ethics to professionals and other learners. The LearnWell Forgiveness Instititue is dedicated to facilitating interpersonal forgiveness among all people and teaches forgiveness therapy through online courses.

1.3 Klimes Institute: The Klimes Institute provides full-term online courses in ethics, health and teaching skills to health care professionals, educators and other learners.

1.4 DrugFree USA: DrugFree USA is a national campaign to free children and adults from tobacco, alcohol and harmful drugs. It does this through short online courses in prevention and health promotion. LearnWell Resources is recorded with the El Dorado Country Clerk to do business as DrugFree USA under file P98-676. DrugFree USA is a member of the El Dorado County Tobacco Prevention Coalition.

The LearnWell online courses are free educational resources that anyone can explore. Those needing certificates are asked to pay for that service. Thus the courses generate fees-for-service from health care professionals. These fees are the main income stream for LearnWell Resources and are used to finance LearnWell Global.

2. LearnWell Global

2.1 LearnWell Global serves the developing world through:

LearnWell Global Scholarships for Continuing Education of professionals

LearnWell Global Computers for approved institutions

LearnWell Global Literacy through book donations

LearnWell Global Ethics for All through online courses and services.

2.2 The Global Low-cost Health Initiative provides a free online continuing education course.

LearnWell Health improves global health by facilitating healthy lifestyles.

LearnWell Global also provides clothing, computers, food, medical supplies and scholarships to families in the poverty-stricken areas of the Ukraine through 32 village distribution centers. It supports regional LearnWell Computer Centers connected with the Ukrainian College of Arts and Sciences.

LearnWell Global and the Global Low-cost Health Initiative are free world-wide services to advance the health and ethics of communities.

The People behind LearnWell Resources

2box.gif (117 bytes) Board of Directors for 2004-2008: Robert M. Logan and Rudolf E. Klimes helped found LearnWell Resources February 10, 1994 and have served on the board since then.

Chairman: Robert Logan, BSc (Pacific Union College, 1983), JD (Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, 1989), Attorney at Law.

Secretary: Jay Draeger, MD, Physician

Member: Rudolf E. Klimes, BA (Walla Walla College, 1957), PhD (Indiana University, 1964), MPH (Johns Hopkins University, 1983); Adjunct Professor, Folsom Lake College, Folsom, CA; past president, Sahmyook University, Japan Saniku Gakuin College, Hong Kong Samyuk College; professor, Andrews University; Associate Health Director, General Conference; Executive Director, American Health and Temperance Society.

Member: Robyn M. Nelson, RN, BSN 1970, (Loma Linda University), MS 1973 (Boston University), DNSc 1983 (University of California, San Francisco), Professor and Chairperson, Division of Nursing, California State University, Sacramento. www.hhs.csus.edu/HomePages/NRS/NelsonRM

Member: Larry Innocent, BSc (Pacific Union College, 1982), CPA. State of California, former President of Integrated Pharmaceutical Services, Rancho Cordova, California.

2box.gif (117 bytes)Officers for 2004-2008:

President and CEO: Rudolf E. Klimes, www.learnwell.org/rudy.htm (Short job description: general administration, email correspondence, course development, course updating and website marketing.)

Secretary: Jay Draeger.

Chief Financial Officer

General Counsel: Robert Logan.

2box.gif (117 bytes)Board of Counselors (and LearnWell Global Health Council) 2006-2008: Jay Draeger, MD (chairman); Aurora Green, M.Sc (vice-chairperson/secretary), Anna Klimes, EdD; Kelli Sattelmayer, RNC, MSN; Orrie Snyder, RN, MA; Vernon Reichard, MPH, Rudolf Klimes, PhD, MPH.

LearnWell Continuing Education Council (a professional organization): Kelli Sattelmayer, RNC, MSN (chairperson); Karen Alvord, MSW, LCSW (vice-chairperson); Robyn M. Nelson, DNSC; Rudolf E. Klimes, PhD; Consultants: Ginger Jewett, RN, Sharon Perry, RN, BS, FNP.

LearnWell Forgiveness Center Staff: Moderator: Jay Draeger, MD, Secretary: Sharon Perry, RN, BS, FNP.

Director of Outreach and Chaplain: Anna Klimes, EdD.

2box.gif (117 bytes) LearnWell Continuing Education Center Faculty:

Jay Draeger, MD, Dean of Instruction

G. G. Bolich, PhD

Anna Klimes, EdD

Rudolf E. Klimes, PhD, MPH

Robyn M. Nelson, DNSC

Kelli Sattelmayer, RNC, MSN

Karen Alvord, MSW, LCSW

Sharon Perry, RN, BS, FNP

Steve Miller. MA

Kristi Cargill, RN, BSc

Peggy Arndt, MA

Lisa Arndt, MA

Office of the LearnWell Representative, Ukraine: Dr. Elena Myboroda, Kiev, Ukraine, Chelybinskay 5-6, Flat 47; phone 380-44-517-7163