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When angered, don’t avenge. Go on The Forgiver finds Healing in the Net of Kindness
Hurtful situations often hurt and anger both the harmer and the harmed. The harmed persons often has no control over the one who harmed them, but they can choose how to react to the harm. They can choose to avenge or to forgive. Avenging is harmful, forgiving is healing.

Forgiving is a help for therapists, counselors, health professionals, community service workers, clergy, law enforcement and individuals interested in forgiveness. It promotes forgiveness through its LearnWell Forgiveness Center, online courses, Forgiveness Cards, Forgiveness Resource Center, think tank, projects, publicity, training, materials, public speaking, interviews and general consultation.

LearnWell Forgiveness

Purpose: To facilitate interpersonal forgiveness among all people through an understanding of forgiveness, through teaching forgiveness and through encouraging forgiveness. The Center does not deal with international or large-population forgiveness. Forgiveness can occur on the cognitive, emotional and spiritual levels and is beneficial to people on any level. The target populations of the Center are professionals (social service, nursing, teachers, physicians, clergy, counselors etc.) persons in authority (law enforcement, judiciary, prison personnel) children, the economically, socially, and physically handicapped, and the general population.

The LearnWell Forgiveness Center defines forgiveness as the process in which one person renounces resentment about an offense and is freed to extend good will to the offender. The Center fosters 1) research in the process of forgiveness, 2) teaches the methods and concepts of forgiveness, and 3) encourages personal forgiveness among all people. Forgiveness is different from reconciliation (two or more people rebuilding a broken relationship) and pardoning (one person releasing an offender from the punishment associated with an offense). When the offender is clearly motivated by evil and does not renounce the evil, the government is then required to stop the offender from harming more people.

8 Forgiveness Continuing Education Online Courses

Take courses with instant Online Processing/Certification, 24/7. Take them for fun (free) or for an approved RN or MFCC 3 CE hours (0.3 CEUs) Continuing Education certificate. No registration is required.

Forgiveness Therapy: Healing the Wrongs, F101. Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will 1. define therapeutic forgiveness, 2. differentiate forgiveness from related activities, 3. understand the 5 Steps in Forgiveness, 4. recognize the cognitive, emotional and spiritual levels of forgiveness.

Forgiveness Skills: One Step at a Time, F301. Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will 1. understand the 5-Step Forgiveness Model, 2. describe the 5 forgiveness skills from a social/spiritual perspective.

Forgiveness Index: Classifying situations, F501. Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will 1. understand the content of forgiveness, 2. index forgiveness as seen from the perspective of the forgiver and the offender, and 3. interpret the Forgiveness Index in the context of further relationships.

Forgiving Attitude: A Way of Reconciliation, F401. Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will 1. understand the basics of a forgiving attitude, 2. describe the 5 aspects of a forgiving attitude from a social/spiritual perspective. Now take the Forgiveness Attitude Survey and email it in.

Anger Management: Building Better Relationships, F201. Objectives: At the competition of the course, the participant will be able to 1) assess his/her anger, 2) understand the roots/source of his/her anger, 3) apply the steps of anger management and 4) reach a higher level of personal peace.

Without Revenge: Toward Full Forgiveness, F110. Objectives: At the end of the course, the participant will understand 1) the harm of revenge, 2) the use of law-enforcement and 3) the healing of revenge.

Work-place Pardons: Why, When, How, F601 At the completion of the course, you will describe, as it concerns work-place administrative pardons, 1. their meaning, 2. the reasons they are granted, 3. the occasions appropriate for granting them, and 4. the methods for granting them.

Forgive and Reconcile: Reunite the Estranged, F310 At the end of this course, participants will 1. differentiate forgiveness and reconciliation, 2. understand the 5 Steps in Forgiveness, 3. explain the four steps in asking for reconciliation, 4. process 2 case studies on forgiveness and reconciliation, and 5. explore research in reconciliation.

Forgiveness Cards

LearnWell Forgiveness Center
When wronged by someone, FORGIVE:
Admit your anger. Give up revenge. Show good will.
When you have wronged someone, APOLOGIZE:
“I hurt you. I’m sorry. I will not do it again.”
Forgiveness Resources Center

5 Best: International Forgiveness Institute, Campaign for Forgiveness Research, LearnWell Forgiveness Center, Forgiveness Web, Forgiveness Home Page.
Officers of the LearnWell Forgiveness Center:
Jay Draeger, MD, Moderator, LearnWell Forgiveness Center Think Tank.
Sharon Perry, RN, NP, Secretary, LearnWell Forgiveness Center.
Rudolf E. Klimes, PhD, President of LearnWell Resources, Inc.

Special 30 CE hour Courses Health and Ethics, K101, K501, K555, $70

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